Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Paul misses the point - and not for the first time

I generally like reading Paul Thurrot's WinInfo newsletter, sent in email courtesy of Windows &.NET mag. But in his article Opinion: Windows Worm Should Never Have Been a Problem he just plain misses the point. OK - I agree with him when he suggests that Microsoft is not really the main culprit here - the fix was out and it wasn't applied. Thus it's not really MS's problem.The real problem is that systems simply were not patched

What he misses, sitting in that ivory tower of his, is the sheer difficulty of actually keeping everything up to date. I've said it before:it's just too hard. I'm not beating MS up for this latest bug, but for making it so difficult to patch things. Anyway - today it's the sobig virus. I've had around 40 mails this evening (each 100k or so) with this. Yuck.

There just has to be a better way. Admins deserve an easier life.