Monday, August 11, 2003

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Deployment Kit

Microsoft has produced a resource kit for every version of Windows NT since NT 3.1. As it turns out, I have every one produced thus far. The Resource Kit Team is a pretty amazing group (I worked for them for over a year). For Windows 2000, the entire Server Resource Kit is on line at

For Windows 2003, Microsoft decided to do even more! First, they decided to add a lot of new and improverd content. In a move which must have been designed to remove the threat of litigation from book shop ownnwers whose employees backs would have been damaged by lifting the new volue, MS has separated out the deployment information into a separate Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Deployment Ki.t This kit is now published, with some great content. And it's online too.

BUT: even cooler - you can download the entire kit. Not just as PDF files, but as word documents, thus you could (at least in theory) use some of the text in your own deployment plans.

I'm kind of surprised MS is putting the full word documents up for free download, but they have. The Resource Kit Team continues to do great things!

Now all we need is the actual Resource Kit itself...