Wednesday, June 15, 2005 breaks the New Microsoft MVP Program Logo

In an article titled New Microsoft MVP Program Logo, the new MVP logo is disclosed. I find it absurd, and boardeing on offencive, that MS are seriously suggesting that this logo somehow is the way that the programme is profesionalised. There was nothing wrong with the old logo and nothing unprofessional with the old programme (except of course that MS did not own the logo and the lawyers could not control it). It was different, but then so is the MVP programme.

Fortunately, MS are not going to be asking me for all the swag branded with the soon to be deceased logo, I have several bags, mice, watch, etc, etc,etc - plus a huge array of shirts! At least I hope not!

But why does any company, in this case Microsoft that dropping old stuff, and replacing it with new stuff is necessarily the best way forward? From where I sit, the old logo was not broken - and I'd have rather the huge sum that was spent (brandeing is NEVER cheap) sent to feed the starving in Africa. There is one good thing though - based on this 'professional' logo, I now realise I DO have good graphic design skills. :-)

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