Friday, June 10, 2005

Monad MSH rolls on

I've written several blog articles about Monad-MSH. Today at Teched Orlando, the architect of Monad-MSH, Jeffrey Snover, has given a break out session and a cabanna talk on this tool. Monad (the languge) and MSH (the shell itself) represents perhaps Microsoft's most innovative products to emerge in many years. I could wax poetically about just how cool this product is but that's what the talk was for!!

Microsoft is planning on delivereing a new beta drop on June 20th, so beta testers will be seeing this very soon. If you are NOT currently a beta tester: Go to and sign in with a Microsoft passport. Then logon to the site using the guest ID: mshPDC, select Microsoft Command Shell and select/complete the Survey in the left column. Access to the beta should be granted within 48 hours.

Jeffery noted, and it was explicitly NOT under NDA, that Monad-MSH will ship as part of Exchange 12 (in 2006), as well as WinFX. There's also the distinct possibility that it'll get into Longhorn client, although that is not yet confirmed.

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