Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Blog'n my way to the PDC Contest

To build excitement around PDC, MS are offering a Blog'n my way to the PDC Contest.

To enter, you hust have to put a bit of HTML into your blog, pint the contest organisers, and with a bit of luck, you'll get free admission, US$1000 worth of airfare and a room! In my case, here's my HTML:

blogging my way to pdc - please click me

Please click Me!

I'm planning on going to PDC to learn more about Longhorn, and especially Monad-MSH. As to value to the community, I plan to blog more about the subjects both leading up to, at and after PDC. I'm also looking at doing books and courses around many of the topics being covered at PDC.

The blog entries I plan on making will be pretty much straight text with limited graphics. Probably no audio/video, although I may do another RD GrokTalk at PDC if we can get this organised.

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