Monday, June 13, 2005

Microsoft Certified Architect Program

At TechEd last week, MS was disclosing more information on the new Microsoft Certified Architect. They also providemore information on the Microsoft Certified Architect Program home page. This page also provides links to the program and to architecture itself, including links to the Microsoft Architecture Resource Center, architecture related blogs, etc.

The Certified Architect certification is the archstone in Microsoft's new look certification program. The requiremnts for this certification include at least 10 or more years of experience and both deep technical and broad leadership skills. Unlike all other MS certifications, this credential is not earned by passing multiple-guess exams. Successful candidates pass a rigorous review board with previously certified architects. It's just like the old MSF exams - I don't recall any paper MSF trainers in those days {grin}

I am looking forward to this new certification. It makes a lot of sense. There will not be a lot of candidates, well successful ones anyway - MS is guessing a few thousand over the first few years. Getting this cert should and is planned to be hard. The cool thing for me is that it is based on peer review, much like the upcoming Microsoft Certified Learning Consultant certification. If the MSF experience is anything to go by, there are unlikley to be paper MCAs - which can only be a good thing for the cert itself, and the program that is ultimately to support it.

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