Wednesday, October 05, 2005

BMI - Service (not) redux

On board BD 679 ABZ-LHR. After my earlier post, the service thus far just adds to the misery. The flight is nearly empty - maybe 20 passengers total. But the catering failed to turn up, thus I can't even BUY a (stale, appalling, over priced) sandwich.

When I made my displeasure known to the flight crew, they were highly apologetic. Turns out they get 6% commission, so the lack of food also hit them. Then the SCA, Ricardo Freitas reached down and handed me a tuna salad. He was genuinely sorry about the issue, and demanded I take the salad and refused payment. His colleagues: Chrissie Juniper, Sheelie Pirie, and Beccie Fuller all gathered around and were equally nice - and I had to argue to pay for a drink. As ever on BMI, service in the air and service on the ground are worlds apart.

So while I'll probably never fly BMI again, it's refreshing to know that at least some folks understand customer service.

[in the air - again]

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