Saturday, October 08, 2005

MVP Award!!!

I'm breaking out a good bottle of wine - I've been re-awarded an MVP award - this year for "Admin Frameworks" (aka Monad). I'm as excited about this award as I've been for many years. In fact, I'm super excited!!


Mark said...

Hi Thomas,

I've been following the development of Monad for a few months now with some interest. I spend a lot of time writing stuff in VBScript to perform various admin tasks, so it's good to see how the next generation of scripting is coming along.

Are there any particular public newsgroups that you can recommend for Monad related posts? Not that I have anything to ask right now, more that I'm interested in what other people are doing with it.


Mark-Allen said...


As I've seen your "cave", I must protest.

You don't even *own* a bad bottle of wine.

Congratulations. You deserve it, as always. Keep up the great work.