Wednesday, October 26, 2005

MS Releases Details of New Certs

Thanks for my good friend Lorenzo Barbieri, I see that Microsoft has at long last released details of the new certifications. See

In the FAQ, you can see that MS have taken trouble to avoid actually saying that the current certs are dead, have no life and are now just being swept away. While you'll still be an MCSD, etc - those certs are no longer much use, since MS will be evangelising the new certs vs the older ones.

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Richard Jonas said...

As someone who is working towards an MCAD and then MCSD certification, the fact that everything is changing is is a little concerning. At least it looks like there will only be one exam to pass to upgrade.

/\/\o\/\/ said...


gr /\/\o\/\/

PS. look at the date !!
(I'm watching for months now for the SMS 2003 Exam (MS said to me on phone Oktober (4 Months ago)

and when does TS come for MOM / SMS ?

@ the moment this does not look more clear to me.