Thursday, May 25, 2006

3 Weeks on - and no resolution yet

The firm I currently work for is the target of a takeover bid. The bid was formally announced 3 three weeks ago and the 21 day period is effectively now up. As a shareholder I have still not had my formal offer document, which is very dissapointing. I can only guess that the larger share holders have made their minds up, making my tiny shareholding irrelevant and not worth the time of the bidder. I would have liked to have had the legal documentation and to have seen the detailed offer in writing.

As an employee, I have had not any word as to the progress of the bid, aside from view of the formal regulatory announcements on our web site. Thus many of us begin the bank holiday not even knowing whether we have a future to come back to next week.

I was in our London office today, for one last look around at the company as is is and to say goodbye. Despite the obvious sadness, it was a proud day too. I left the office knowing I'd done my best, and so had the folks I worked with. I was so lucky to have had such great people to work with; people who made a difference to me, to our delegates and to our customers. It may not be done and dusted yet, we'll see. But it looks like the sun has set on something truly special. I shall miss the place.

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