Saturday, May 13, 2006

Powershell RC1 Refresh - If you can get it

Microsoft has posted an update to the PowerShell RC1 package. You can get this update from the Microsoft download site, as described on PowerShell Team Blog posting. There are a few bug fixes included which make it a recommended download. If you are a Windows admin, you really should be looking at PowerShell. And if you're an Exchange admin, you really need to get started (assuming you ever plan to use E12 and beyond!). I've got this update on my laptop and it works well. If you are upgrading from MSH, there are some changes you may need to make to your older MSH scripts and setup environment, but the changes are not massive.

I've put up a bunch of MSH scripts on my web site ( and I am in the process of updating them from Monad to PowerScript. Be patient - I'll get these up there soon!

While uploading, however, I ran into a problem. In order to download PowerShell RC1, you need to 'register', which means in this case, logging in with your Passport. Or is it Windows Live? Anyway, on both my laptop and several of my desktop systems, Passport fails to log me in and insists on alternative credentials (none of which work). I'm also unable to get to the Passport site to create new credentials. Finally, I went off to a machine I very rarely use interactively (my ISA server) and was able to download the code. It took me nearly an hour to finally get the download. But to add insult to injury, I got one of those "would you like to take a survey on MS download" popups. OH YES! So after getting PSH RC1, I filled it out. During the survey, on 8 separate occasions, clicking Next on the survey brought me up a HTTP 500 error page. You have to see the funny side.

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