Wednesday, May 03, 2006

It's official - Vista's UAC Sucks By Design

As readers of this blog may know, I'm not enamoured with Vista's UAC feature. I'm sure I'm not along judging from other web posts. In disgust, I filed a bug (titled "UAC Utterly Sucks") and it has just been closed. It was closed "BY DESIGN".

That's right, MS actually designed UAC to be this bad. The bug was closed with apologies for invoncenience caused, and offered a workaround to login as admin. Actually, this is not a great workaround - a much better way to deal with UAC is to just turn off the service using MSConfig.

So when you spend the rest of your life hitting the "yes" just remember that MS designed your experience to be this poor.


Unknown said...

This is absolutely true.
UAC SUCKS so hard that it outranks even the Office assistant and MS-Bob

Matt Cuda said...

The UAC is not just an inconvience for the user but also the software developer.

We have a software program that works great under Windows XP but because of the UAC, if it is installed on Vista, the automatic updater fails to update our software.

Ever try to tell an end user how to modify security on our application directory so the updater works? Let me tell you it is nearly impossible.

It has to be the worst thing that Microsoft ever invented.