Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Nice Prometric Experience – part 2

In a post on Thursday, I recounted a good testing experience with Prometric. There are two more points regarding this.

First, when I got up on Friday morning, I found an email-from Microsoft congratulating me on passing and found the results were included on my MCP transcripts. That’s quick – and a great improvement on older days where it could take days or weeks. The speed meets expectations.

Secondly, a commenter (STIC)  sent me a link to a useful map: that shows the location of all the UK testing centres. Not sure how up to the minute it is, but it’s sure useful. It would be really nice to have this map linked off of the Prometric web site, and kept updated as sites are added/removed/etc. Is that asking Prometric too much?


I looked closely at the mail I got from MSL (noted above). It had a link to a page where I could order a welcome kit. So I tried – and failed. Despite logging out/in several times, the page continues to display an error: “Your session has timed out or network problems prevented the application from receiving the MCT enrollment information. Please try again. If the problem persists, please contact your Microsoft Regional Service Center."  Oddly – I am appear to be able to change my address on the page, I just can't order a welcome kit. MSL: please fix your web site! Or if actually running a web site reliably is too hard, then remove the form, and just point to the RSC. As an aside, is enrolment spelt with one L or two? My dictionaries say the site has a mis-spelling.

So far: Prometric get 8/9, MSL get 4/9. Please try harder MSL!


Unknown said...

Please use Internet Explorer XD

Thomas Lee said...

I've published the above comment but I have no idea what she/he means by it.