Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Open Geek Goodness from Microsoft

I’ve been taking some time off the road and have been seriously geeking out with all the protocol information issued by Microsoft at the Open Specification site.

There is a HUGE amount of fairly low level information about the file formats used by Microsoft products and various protocols employed byproducts including OCS< Exchange and Office. There are thousands of pages of documentation here.

Much of this documentation was produced for/by Microsoft thanks to legal requirements. You can probably Google for that – I’m just glad MS published it. It’s fun to see where the writers left their tails – I wonder who has done some of the OCS related protocols for example (e.g. Nice Job Proseware).

Microsoft could also usefully enable the wiki functions on these pages. I’ve found numerous places where the content is correct – but could be improved.Currently there’s no way to document these areas for improvements.

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