Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Nice Prometric Experience

As a certified trainer, I’m required to take MS exams on what seems to be a far too regular basis. Following MSL’s unpopular (at the time) decision to dump VUE and go sole test provider with Prometric, I’ve avoided taking exams ever since. But as taking exams is probably easier than finding a new career, I finally succumbed and did the deed. I have to say, it was a surprisingly pleasant experience:

  • The call to book the exam took just over 10 minutes. Much of this time  was spent finding my prometric testing number. Turns out there are a lot of Thomas  Lee’s out there (now there’s a scary thought!). And it took time to find the testing centre  I wanted (the web site could be better in this respect).
  • One nice touch - the CSR even made it a point to enquire what if any discounts  (i.e. MCT) I might be entitled to. It took him a few seconds to realise that yes, there actually are 4 digit MCP ids, and yes, Prometric testing numbers can start with “DT”!
  • The promised email did not seem to arrive, so I phoned up again, and within around 2 minutes I had it. It was accurate and complete.
  • The exam room was clean, cool and the equipment more than adequate. No 15” monitors set to 60Hz!
  • The results (of course I passed!) were ready as I got to the receptionist’s desk. Thanks Terri!

I was sort of bummed out at how long it took me to do the exam (11 minutes <grin>). I’d hoped to break the 10 min barrier, but I guess my reading speed is not fast enough (the 40 questions  took a total of 11 minutes). But it was nice to get an exam without War & Peace as part of each question! In all seriousness, I found the exam pretty easy, given that I know the subject pretty well, and most of the issues raised in the exam were things I’ve seen lots in the public newsgroups where I hang out and answer questions. It goes to show that if you KNOW the product, the exam should (and in this case was) easy.

All in all, the experience was what I should expect (and given the tales of woe I used to hear on the MCT newsgroups, it certainly exceeded my current expectations).  Not sure if I can say Prometric rocks, but they don’t suck – which is something. I’ve got a bunch more exams to take in the coming weeks.


And if Stic mails me the link, I’ll gladly post details of his mashup (see comments for what I am talking about)

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stic said...

Hope you know that I spent some time creating Google Map "Prometric UK sites" - with all locations marked ;-)

Thomas Lee said...

No - I didn't know that - can you ping me the URL and I'll blog it!

Bill Chapman said...

Glad to see that your testing time was not that bad. I personally never actually enjoy the time in the booth but it is one of the necessary evils of our particular profession.

stic said...

I hope that I won't scare you.
The URL is really nasty ;-)

Just in case that you will need it any time soon.
Btw. in my opinion Prometric should do something with they page. They have our addresses (I assume) so why not help us with finding more appropriate locations?

Answer to search for "next free 70-554 on Saturday near Victoria" will be awesome!

Any way, congratulations on your exam!