Wednesday, March 17, 2010

PowerShell Master Class in Stockholm – A Great Success (and now a repeat!)

The PowerShell Master Class in Stockholm last week was three long days of PowerShell Fun. The course went very well and the delegates great.

The training centre, LabCenter.SE is an amazing place to teach. The rooms are well kitted out (killer sound systems), good lighting, great chairs, and very good computers. It’s a very happy environment – lots of nice refreshments, and the people are all wonderful. I think it’s one of the nicest centres I’ve taught at in a long while.

The delegates enjoyed the course they asked more more! So sometime late summer, early Autumn, I’ll go back for 4 more days of PowerShell Applied – lots more in depth labs etc. And given the market, the centre want me to come back to Stockholm to teach another run of the PowerShell Master Class in May (May 25-28) – although the web site is currently showing the wrong dates and length! We are making this a four day class – so even more fun and all the more PowerShell! 

To register for this course, you shoudl go to (although I note the price and duration is not yet correct so you might hold off booking for a wee while till I get the site updated).

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