Monday, March 15, 2010

SCCM PowerShell Module

The relentless community development on all things PowerShell continues unabated. Today, I found a module for use with System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). This module contains the following functions:
  • Get-SCCMCommands
  • Connect-SCCMServer
  • Get-SCCMObject
  • Get-SCCMPackage
  • Get-SCCMCollection
  • Get-SCCMAdvertisement
  • Get-SCCMDriver
  • Get-SCCMDriverPackage
  • Get-SCCMTaskSequence
  • Get-SCCMSite
  • Get-SCCMImagePackage
  • Get-SCCMOperatingSystemInstallPackage
  • Get-SCCMBootImagePackage
  • Get-SCCMComputer
  • Get-SCCMUser
  • Get-SCCMCollectionMembers
  • Get-SCCMSubCollections
  • Get-SCCMParentCollection
  • Get-SCCMSiteDefinition
  • Get-SCCMSiteDefinitionProps
  • Get-SCCMIsR2
  • Get-SCCMCollectionRules
  • Get-SCCMInboxes
  • New-SCCMCollection
  • Add-SCCMCollectionRule
  • Add-SCCMDirUserCollectionRule

It looks a great start. And while I like how all the nouns are all prefixed, there is the danger that when the SCCM team eventually deliver native SCCM cmdlets, there is a danger of cmdletname collision down the line.


Paul said...

Care to share where you found it? ;)

Thomas Lee said...

Found it via a mailing list I subscribe to. You can find it at:

Unknown said...

Thanks for the info