Wednesday, March 24, 2010

PowerShell Master Class – More Sessions

I’ve had a gratifying response to my first PowerShell Master Class event. Like all first time runs, you learn some things by running the event.  One of which is that three days is not long enough. So future events are not four days. Not that I neede dto learn it, but the last run shows that, given how vast V2 is,  there is stuff that even with four days, we still can’t cover. So I am planning an advanced seminar for later in the year – watch this space.

In the mean time, we have two more sessions currently planned:

I’m also discussing a further session in Stockholm in September along with a more advanced workshop also in September in Stockholm.

Master Class outline

The class outline is as follows:

Day 1 – The Basics of PowerShell

  • PowerShell Fundaments – the key elements of PowerShell including installation, setup, profiles
  • Discovery – finding your way and learning how to discover more
  • Formatting – how to format output nicely

Day 2 – From the command line to the script

  • Remoting – working with remote systems and PowerShell’s remoting feature.
  • Providers – getting into OS data stores
  • Scripting Concepts – automating everyday tasks including language constructs, error handling and debugging

Day 3 – Practical PowerShell

  • Modules – managing PowerShell in the enterprise
  • .NET/WMI/COM Objects – working with objects of all kinds, including WMI, COM, .NET and your own custom objectw
  • PowerShell and Windows Client/Server – how you can use built in PowerShell cmdlets and providers included with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2

Day 4 – Applying PowerShell 

  • PowerShell in Key Microsoft Servers - a look at PowerShell today in SQL, Exchange, SharePoint 2010, SCVMM/HyperV and CS 2010.
  • Taking it to the Next Level – stuff to do later!

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