Monday, November 18, 2013

Lync Client in a XenApp VDI Environment

Folks are finding the use of VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) is increasing for a number of rooms. Having your ‘desktop’ stored securely in the data centre to be ‘a good thing’. Rather than giving each user a powerful desktop, you load their desktop in a very powerful server and let the users share the goodness. VDI makes it easier to patch too since the desktop is in your server, not running on a disconnected or turned off system.

While VDI is a great idea, certain aspects of VDI have been an a bit of an issue. One specific aspect is video conferencing – for a long time only Presence and IM were supported – conferencing wasn’t. Recent releases of the server and updates to Lync now make this restriction a thing of the past.

In a recent blog post, Rob Beekmans describes in some detail how to get VDI working in a Citrix XenApp 6.5 environment. The key to this is the new Citrix HDX RealTime Connector for Microsoft Lync, and configuring it correctly!

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