Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ed Wilson – PowerShell Best Practices Book

I just noticed that Ed Wilson, aka The Scripting Guy (at Microsoft), has another book out. Entitled Windows PowerShell Best Practices, it's a book that provides great examples on how to get the most out of PowerShell.

The book shows you how you can:

  • Use Windows PowerShell to automate Active Directory tasks
  • Explore available WMI classes and methods with CIM cmdlets
  • Identify and track scripting opportunities to avoid duplication
  • Use functions to encapsulate business logic and reuse code
  • Design your script’s best input method and output destination
  • Test scripts by checking their syntax and performance
  • Choose the most suitable method for running remote commands
  • Manage software services with Desired State Configuration

Lots of goodness from a good author.

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