Thursday, January 09, 2014

Top Support Solutions for Lync Server

As much as we’d all like utterly reliable software – history suggests it’s not likely to happen at least in my lifetime. Read Fred Brookes book Mythical Man Month: – while it describes things Brookes saw during his time at IBM working on OS/360 (in the 1960s), the book continues to be highly relevant. Brookes observes that in any complex system there are a certain irreducible number of errors – as true today as in the era Brookes writes about. Worse, all attempts to fix the observed errors tends to result in the introduction of other, new, errors. So we live with the reality that all complex software will have bugs and that at some point we may be impacted.

For Windows IT Pros, one great source of information on bugs and solutions is Microsoft’s Top Support Solutions pages (see: over on the TechNet site. For Lync administrators, the URL is: which sets out top solutions for Lync which was last updated late November 2013, so is relatively up to date.

If you are having problems with Lync, consult these references to see if your problem is one of the well known variety with an equally well known solution.

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