Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Everything you need to know about snom phones and Lync

Lync Server’s Enterprise Voice feature aims to enable you to replace your PBX. Enterprise voice helps you to get your users to use either a soft phone, the Lync client, or replace their existing desk phone with a Lync Phone.

Lync Phones are full IP phones – they contain some sort of computer and OS that either runs the Lync Phone Edition client or runs a compatible client. Both modes enable the phone to participate fully in your Lync environment.

One of the bigger players in the VOIP and Lync market is snom, and they’ve just produced a simple free eBook entitled: Using Microsoft Lync with Voice and snom Lync Qualified Phones. This is a 4 chapter book that covers an overview of Lync Phones, how to provision and customise Lync phones and how to integrate PC/Phone and Lync.

The eBook is free, but to get it you must first register with snom, which you can do on their website. The book itself is here.

The book is a good introduction to the Lync Phone even if you choose not to use snom phones.

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Doris Pangle said...

Some years back I was using land line phone for my official use and personal use which was really cost me much more than anything. But now I am using this Snom Voip phone it is working with internet but I am saving lots of money from it. Also the IP phone voice quality is better than landline I do not know about others but for me yes it is working great from last 2 years. You have write a nice post on this Internet Voip phone for share and tell every one about it.