Monday, January 13, 2014

The Value of Persistent Chat With Lync

I just found an interesting white paper, produced by Mindlink Software. It’s entailed The value of Persistent Chat in Incident Management, Support and Business Continuity. The paper, which is short, starts form the premises that a) the workplace is changing and b) email is not a panacea in this new world. In areas such as incident management, business continuity and support – the ability to share knowledge quickly and communicate efficiently is vital. With geographically dispersed teams, increasing mobility and the constant challenge to do more with less. The paper concludes with some great use cases for PC and a more in-depth case study. Sadly, there is no economic justifications presented – these would have been very useful in helping readers to gauge likely ROI.

If you are planning on deploying Lync, or considering upgrading to the latest version, you should consider adding in Persistent Chat into the mix. With Lync 2013, you no longer need loads of extra servers to support PC – you can co-locate the PC servers on your front ends and utilise existing SQL Server for the databases needed by PC.

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