Sunday, October 05, 2003

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Concorde - The End of an Era

British Airways is ceasing the operation of Concorde in just a few weeks. This sad day was announced in a British Airways Press Release, issued in April, but the final day looms.

The last flight you can buy tickets for will be BA001, LHR-JFK Thursday 23 October, although BA are running further private flights for friends, staff, VVIPs, etc. The fares, for travel between London and New York, cost from the standard �‚£4,350 for one way Concorde returning in World Traveller, and up to �8292 for a return trip both ways on Concorde. Yes, it's steep, but it is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

If you can't afford the ticket price, then there's a web site selling Concorde memorabiliaia

I've been lucky enough to fly in Concorde a few times. I surprised my wife on the occasion of her 40th birthday by flying her to New York (she thought she was going to Malta). She was surprised, to say the least. It was cool for me too - I got to sit in the cockpit for takeoff! I've also had the chance to pilot the Concorde Simulator in Bristol, which was a real thrill.

Concorde is a noisy, fuel guzzling technologically outdated aeroplane - but she's a fantastic site. I love watcning her take off, land, or just fly by. And inside, it's a nice 3 hour lunch, while you also cross the Atlantic.

I shall miss her.

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