Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Mitch Tulloch's net Book

IIS6 Administration - A New Book

I've just picked up Mitch Tulloch's latest (or perhaps nearly latest) book, IIS 6 Administration published by McGraw Hill/Osborne. My summary is that this is a good book on the subject of IIS6 administration. Mitch covers the basic ground of what IIS is (and some history), it's architecture and how to deploy and manage it. He also covers some more advanced topics, such as setting up mail and news, working with the metabase, administering IIS 6 from the command line.

A particularly nice feature of this book are the 'blueprint' pages in the centre of the book. These give some nice views of the Architecture, and a nice map of the IIS6 site property sheets (very helpful for navigating around a fairly rich dialog box). I give it 4.5 stars. It's a good solid reference manual on administering IIS.

I'm glad to see that one of my favorite typos (typing SMPT instead of SMTP) has taken root in this book in a couple of places.

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