Saturday, October 25, 2003

Hey Little Chef/Travel Lodge - Get with the Program

So I'm staying away at a Travel Lodge - and dining at Little Chef. The hotel is "quiet" (except for the constant roar of the A14 - which is worse when it rains), the bed is comfortable and the shower's hot. The food is not good news (the less said the better), but it's only for a couple of nights. So where's the internet connection? Surely they should put in a nice g-WAP and flog us the access. Or BBand in the room - both no doubt priced outrageously! But no sign. Come on - get with the progam! The lodge is full of business folk, economising on hotel costs. We still need to stay in touch.

This leads me to think that the telcos don't quite get wireless yet - at least they don't provide me with what I need. What I need is simple. I want one type 2 PC card that I can pop into my laptop that gives me internet connectivity (wirelessly) pretty much everywhere I go (and could possibly use wireless client). I'd like this for a reasonable flat rate/month, for world-wide access. In Sept/Oct, I've been to Boston, London, Chicago, Redmond, New Orleans and Los ANgeles, plus stays at those airports plus visits to DFW, MIA and ORD. I would have liked just one plan. Is this an unrealistic requirement?

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