Tuesday, October 14, 2003


Back from Momentum

I'm just back from MS's partner conference, Momentum. Held in New Orleans, it was the first time that the traditional MS partner channel (Partner Classic) and the MBS partners (who look after the Great Plains etc product lines) all met at a single partner event. We got to hear Microsoft's plans for providing a single partner channel - with room for both sets of partners. The plans for combining the channels made sense to me, but one felt that the MBS partners were less than happy.

One interesting aspect of the new programme is how performance is to be recognised. Partners will earn "points" that are the basis for future status and benfits incoming years. These points are awarded based on Skills, Customer Satisfaction, Influence, Sales (for MS), and Certifications.� These Partner points will be for example, 50 says you are a Certified Partner, 120 says you are Gold.�That will make it a bit easier for the larger CTECs, for example, to differentiate themselves.

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