Sunday, October 26, 2003

What do I want in Longhorn Server

What will go into the Longhorn server? That is a question I hope to see answered at PDC. Certainly there will be some integration of the currently separate services (eg DRS, GPMC, MACS, etc). But what else? I would certainly hope for a better management story. And given that MS has 3 years to go before release, I'd like to see some shake up in some fundametals. Here are some things I'd like to see changed:
  • A more sensible partition layout., There is far too much junk dumped deep into the folder structure. For example, I'd like to see all my outlook express files in %profile%\OutlookExpress\Settings, instead of deeply hidden. And I'd like just one high level temp folder.
  • ONE way to add/remove every component. Right now, some compoents are loaded by default, some are loaded but not made active (eg rras), Others have to be added (EG IPv6) via Network Connections, while still others are in add/remove program (eg netmon lite).
  • A separation of network hardware from identity. In Dial Up Networking, multiple identies can be associted with a modem (one at a time!). But with wired/wireless networking, you can't. I'd like to see the ability to have multiple connections possible. Thus, I'd be able to be,, and depending on where I am at the time!
  • A goal of ZERO reboots. Rebooting should NEVER be needed. Sure, I can accept a few, but let's make the design goal sensile. And I think that it shoudl be manadatory for all 'application' udates to be reboot free. Come on Microsoft, What's the deal with requiring a reboot afterr loading media player??
  • Consistency, consistency, and more consistency. I think I do NOT have to say more on this front!
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