Monday, December 11, 2006

Half of American Business PCs Can't Run Vista


This is a sad story. According to PC Magazine,half of the business computers in the US can't run Vista,  and 94% can't run Vista Premium. OUCH!

Most of this problem is lack of RAM. Vista requires a lot - and while MS may say 512MB is OK, I'd not want to run a Vista box in less than  2GB. The remainder of the issue relates to the graphic card not being Aero-Glass capable.  Frankly, I can't see that Glass is all that important in a business context. 

PC Magazine concludes that the huge jump in system requirements (from what XP needed) will be a significant barrier to adoption.

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PReetamZ said...

Yeah, it is sad story and I like the fact that it is not joy running this OS with less than 2GB. I'm also wondering why anyone would think of Aero Glass theme at all from Business perspective. And hardware for XP os was ready already makes future of vista dizzy.