Friday, December 08, 2006

Microsoft 2007: Overkill?

That's the question Redmond magazine's Carolyn April is asking. It's something I noted in an earlier blog post. Carolyn notes that in additional to the EVO wave, there's a tonne of other stuff. Microsoft's published a long list of products that are new or to be refreshed in 2007 and that list is impressive!

The year ahead is going to see a huge range of new technology being  released. But I suspect that some of it will see slow takeup. I've been using Vista, for example, as my main OS for nearly a fortnight. Vista has recorded 51 'problems' back to MS with no 'solutions' and the Reliability Index of this system is 5.57. Vista, for me at least, is not really ready for business use - but that's mainly a feature of application compatibility and driver support.

But while uptake of Vista may be slow in the business market, there are other releases that businesses may love: such as Office  SharePoint server and the updated version of Live Communications Server. And the new System Center Essentials product looks incredibly exciting for smaller businesses.

What's that Chinese saying: may you live in interesting times. From where I sit, 2007 looks like being a  very interesting year!


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