Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Scammers Quick To Offer Vista

If you read the technical press, they are forecasting Vista adoption to be slow, at least in the corporate space. While that may be true, it hasn't stopped the scammers from  getting onto the bandwagon. I'm getting 5-10 spam mails a day offering me the opportunity to download Vista Enterprise. I'm getting nearly as many of these as I am winning lottery mails.

One particular site has very attractive price of$79.75 for Vista Ultimate (RRP is closer to $320). Now of course that price can't be right, but I suspect that such prices will attract buyers! But I can't imagine this site is selling legal copies - for that matter,  I wonder if the buyer actually gets anything (but his CC number heavily debited). Have you known anyone to get things from this site that are legal??

Assuming this is a scam site, I can't understand why MS hasn't closed this down. Or some of the other vendors whose products are being offered so cheaply for that matter. Of course, maybe I am wrong and this site is totally legit. But as my grandpa used to say: anything that seems too good to be true usually isn't.


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