Thursday, December 21, 2006

Mark Russinovich at IT Forum

Mark is a well known Windows Guru and now a Microsoft employee.  His talks are usually outstanding - or often better. If you did not go to IT Forum see IT Forum's recorded webcast site. It has these gems: 

  • Windows Vista Kernel Changes: This talk discusses changes in the Windows Vista kernel, including SuperFetch, User Account Control, Prioritized-I/O, revamped logon architecture, and more.
  • Advanced Windows Troubleshooting with Sysinternals Process Monitor: A tutorial on Process Monitor introducing key features and how to use them to troubleshoot common application and system problems.
  • Advanced Malware Cleaning: Learn how to use the Sysinternals tools to identify malware infestations, including standard spyware and kernel-mode rootkits, and clean them off your system.
  • Windows Vista User Account Control Internals: This session looks inside User Account Control (UAC), explaining the technologies involved, their role and how they work. The talk concludes with a look at how UAC will affect the evolution of malware.


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