Monday, December 04, 2006

PowerShell User Group - More Information

Last Thursday, I posted more information about Get-PSUGUK, the UK's PowerShell user group and our upcoming first meeting. This morning I got a blog comment asking two questions. First, there has been a typo in one part of the post - Get-PSUGUK's first meeting will indeed be held on January 24th 2007 (and not 2006 as I'd mistakenly typed!).

Second, the question asks what sort of experience you need to come along. Great question Tim - and my initial view is that the only experience you need is an enthusiasm to learn more. I hope to see folks at all levels of experience. We're quite deliberately not slanting the user group towards any specific area or level of expertise - so whether you are a developer or IT Pro, a newbie, or one of the folks in the audience at PDC 2003 (where Jeffrey Snover first presented PowerShell) it shouldn't matter.

With respect to the first meeting, the core talk Richard and  I are planning is around Installation and basic Configuration as well as a quick look at some of the add-on tools such as PowerGadgets. I would hope that everyone gets something out of this meeting  - and if you are more experienced, come along and teach the rest of us!


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