Thursday, January 29, 2009

Get-Scripting Podcast Episode 7 – Available Now

The latest edition of the Get-Scripting podcast is now available for your listening pleasure. The interview this month is with your truly – Alan had his pod-mike with him at the last UK PowerShell user group meeting and we chatted about things PowerShell. It was a lot of fun.

One of the things we chatted about was when I first saw PowerShell.I was in the back of a big hall in LA, attending PDC 2003, and watched Jim Truer and Jeffrey Snover give Monad, as it was then called, its initial airing. I got quite excited – and waved a US$20 bill in the air and proclaimed “I’ll buy it now”! Jeffrey wisely declined, but many years later (and a bit worse for wear), I finally presented the $20 to him at an event in Redmond. You can see the $20 here and here

It was one of those events I’ll not forget – it began a passion that continues to this day. As I say on the interview, nothing that has happened since – the community, the wealth of cmdlets, etc – has been a surprise at all. About the only surprise is that it’s taken a bit longer than I’d have hoped.

Enjoy the interview!

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Thanks again for the great Interview