Friday, January 23, 2009

Get-Scripting Podcast

I recently wrote about a cool weekly Podcast, The PowerScripting Podcast, delivered by Jonathan Walz and Hal Rottenberg. This is a great resource, and you can watch it in progress every Friday Morning at 0200 UK time. For most normal folks, this may be a bit much to ask, but you can of course download it later. One interesting aspect – the podcast is broadcast with a live chat going on. Sadly, this week, that failed, as noted over on the Podcast’s blog site.

More recently, I discovered a UK podcast, the Get-Scripting Podcast presented by Jonathan Medd and recently co-hosted by Alan Renouf. This is a monthly podcast and is prepared partly in advance (the interviews are pre-recorded). You can download this podcast from the blog site,, or via iTunes.

At last week’s PowerShell use group meeting, I was interviewed for the Get-Scripting podcast. If I understand it correctly, the interview will be included in the next podcast, due for release this week. It was a lot of fun to record this interview. I spent some time talking about my first experience with PowerShell (over 5 years ago when it was still called Monad) – I hope the $20 dollar story will be interesting to some. I also spent some time talking about the Microsoft PowerShell class which I helped develop.

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