Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pismo File Mount Audit Package

I’ve just got a new laptop (Dell Lattitude E6500) and am running Win7 Beta. The combination is awesome – my old laptop (running XP) looks so old and dated.

One thing I’ve relied on for many years is Daemon Tools. I use this to mount ISO images of software and then use them. However, Daemon Tools does not install on Win7 (you get a known incomptibilty error message when you try to install it). From reading their forums, it looks like Win7 support will come, but not any time soon. In the mean while, I need a solution,

So I sent out a twitter message and within a few seconds, I had a reply from Chris Randall pointing me to Pismo Technic Inc. - Pismo File Mount Audit Package.

This is a neat package. Not only can it mount ISO images, but it also mounts VHDs and Zip files. This is a seriously nice package. Another cool thing about this tool is that’s free! I’ve downloaded and installed it, and have used it to install Office on my new laptop.

Thanks Chris, and thanks Pismo!

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

Unfortunately PFMAP can not mount VHD files. I believe Windows 7 has native support for VHD files though.