Sunday, January 18, 2009

Managing a Music archive with PowerShell

I have a lot of digital music, as many of my friends, and readers of this blog, know. I’ve been slowly getting around to writing some PowerShell scripts to manage this archive. This afternoon, someone asked me how many Jerry Garcia shows I had on my system. I could not recall off the top of my head, so I wrote a short script to do the counting, and published this over on my PowerShell Scripts blog. The Get-CountOfJerryShows.ps1 scritp may not, perhaps, be the most elegant of PowerShell scripts. And I know I could do it in fewer lines. But it works and it’s something I am likely to be able to read and understand in the future, if/when I want to update it.

The answer, thanks to PowerShell: I currently have 734 live Jerry Shows! This is in addition to my 1144 Grateful Dead shows.

The latter is a lot simpler, as I just store all the Grateful Dead Shows in a single folder. To get a count of Dead shows, I just type:

   1: cd m:\gd;(ls | where {$_.Name -match "^gd"}).count
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