Friday, September 09, 2005

DVD-Only Distribution Planned for Exchange 12

I remember the pain of large numbers of floppy disks, and was so pleased when I could just use a CD. My first CD drive, which I bought during the NT 3.1 beta days, cost me something like £400. Today, the CD is common place. But with the sizes of applications and OSs rising, the CD is quickly becomming the floppy disk of our generation. R2, for example, requires 2 CDs, and the Longhorn/Vista beta builds are both as DVD images (No CD image). And now comees the news that Exchange 12 will be DVD only.

The message this sends to IT pros everywhere - it's time to start ensuring that all your new servers come equipped with a DVD drive.

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Mark-Allen said...



And it's also good to have a CD/DVD burner available to create any disks required for updates, security updates, etc. on machines that don't have them.

Yeah, I know that most today have one or the other but count the number that are in any given system room, and it's probably a low percentage.

Being able to burn your own to keep things going is worth the cost.

Just my 2 centimes.