Sunday, September 04, 2005

Soduko helps Blog Traffic

I've noticed a recent uptick in blog traffic, and on investigating, I'm getting a bunch of hits from search engine referrals, based on a recent post regarding soduko and how the SQL junkies had been working on an automated solution. To show the global nature of the soduko craze, today, I had a hit from a danish search engine: Jubii Søg - soduko. But what I find curious is that if you search for Soduku in many search engines my post gets a top or near top billing - the post is #1 result at MSN Search (! I just hope a few of the soduku junkies stick around and read this blog!

1 comment:

Blandi said...

No wonder that you are listed on top of google. You have a typo in your page "Soduku" and "Soduko" are fatasy words that don't exist :)

So typos help blog traffic!