Sunday, September 04, 2005

Monad bloggers

I've got a couple of pages at my site around Monad. contains pointers to more information about Monad and it's various aspects. contains a bunch of sample Monad scripts for you to work with and play with. Today, I've also done a couple of more things:

First, I've set up a Monad bloggers page at This page lists all the Monad related blogs that I currently know of. This list is based on the list of Monad bloggers at If you know more, mail me and they'll get added!!

Second, I've taken this list and created a feed at This page: has the latest blog entries from these Monad bloggers.

[28 May 2008] - I've noticed that Kinja is dead and thus this link is no longer v

NB: not all the entries at or the posts from blogs at are all going to be about Monad! The authors of the blogs do have other things on their collective minds (well some do at least). Enjoy anyway!!!

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