Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Monad at PDC

Monad-MSH was well represented at the PDC with a variety of things happening. In no particular order:

Monad Mentioned in Bob Muglia's keynote - this was perhaps the key event - once a VP announces a technology, it rarely gets cancelled.

Monad Track Lounge - there were some tables, chairs, sofas, plus net access and power, in the middle of one of the huge halls, where the Monad guys (and a few others) hung out and chattted. The sofas were incredibly comfortable, and it was fantastic talking to the Jeff, Lee, Jim, Bruce, and Jeffrey - undersanding their thinking and listing to their plans. I'd like to think that there was some good feedback too! The guy behind the really cool product called SystemScripter was there showing his latest beta - hopefully he's going to produce a Monad version soon!

Monad Hands On Labs - there were three Monad HOLs. One on scripting, one on cmdlets and the last on providers. I am hoping we can get these labs published more widely - they were pretty good and I'd like to play more with the provider and cmdnlet labs here at home!

Monad and E12 Demonstrated - as I blogged during PDC, Vivek, an Exchange guy, showed me the Monad tools for Exchange 12 - WOW!! There was also great talk on the E12 APIs where more of monad was shown. This was very refreshing to see!

Jeffrey and Jim did a Monad Talk - and this too was awesome. Not sure what the scores were, but the room was fairly full. There was a rumour going around that the session was to be repeated, but sadly it did not happen.

Language Panel - Bruce took part in a dynamic languages panel, but I was unable to get to that. :-(

Ask The Experts - more hanging out with the Monad guys, eating and drinking and enjoying the company.

It was a good week for Monad!

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