Thursday, September 22, 2005

No really - thanks Dell

I reported earlier my disapointing experiences with Dell's Laptop support in Europe, currently outsourced to India. Much to my surprise and with only a few minutes to go before I had to leave for the day, another supervisor from Dell actually rang back with some good news!

He started by insisting that keyboards are not covered under the warranty - at least that's how I understood what he was saying - I continue to have great difficulty hearing and understandging. However, he said that since I am such a valuable customer, and just this one time only, and never to be repeated they'll get me the keyboard tomorrow. GREAT!/p>

But then came the news that they expected me to fit it myself. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a dangerous man with a screwdriver in my hand. And as for power tools or usign tools near power, let's not even think about going there. I patiently explained that I was really not competent to do the work. After several more explanations of my utter incomptence, eventually, he relented. An engineer is ordered up (but they can't tell me when it will arrive) and a keyboard is to be delivered.

But before the call finished, the chap did his obligatory Dell customer satistaction speach. You know - Dell are going to be sending me a questionaire and he wanted me to know how important it was, blah blah, blah. Then he started asking me a bunch of satisfaction questions as an oral survey. I really fealt obliged to say whatever he wanted to hear.

So how do I really feel now? I'm sure glad the computer is going to be fixed, but it has not happened yet. That bit is good. But I sure don't feel very good about Dell as a company.

I became a Dell customer in 1988, and must have purchased 50 or more systems for my home/business/family over the years. I was at one time a Dell VAR. I've always rated their systems - and this Inspiron was no exception. Given my extensive use, keyboards tended towards needing replacing on ocassion but I can live with that. And given the importance of the laptop to my work, I am only too happy to pay for the extended warranty. If Dell has it's figures clost to right, then they are making a profit on the warranty too. Good for them - for me the extra money is trivial in comparison to the peace of mind. Dell seem to have forgotten how imporant that is to folks like me and that is a shame.

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