Thursday, September 22, 2005

Thanks a Lot Dell

I have a Dell Inspiron Laptop. It's a couple of years old, is well used and well worn. It was bought for me by QA, my employer via a dealer (as oppsed to me direct). On Monday, the "N" key popped off and I am at home and trying to get a service call booked to get a new keyboard. I started this entry after haning on for 20 minutes.

The first hurdle is that I do now know who the dealer was that my IT group bought the laptop through - it was two years ago! The first Dell person spoke to, "Trisha", was unhelpful. Unless I knew all the details of where we bought it, they won't service it. This was odd - as it was not a problem in the past. When they replaced the keyboard for the same fault, or when they had to replace the mother board and inernal power supplies, or when they had to provide a new screen, or when they replaced the NIC.

So then I got through to an Indian chap who insisted on a PIN number. Which I've never heard of. Unless I told him the ping numer, the original order numer, or the name of the person who placed it he could not help.

I then spoke to a supervisor. He reported the same story. He also claimed that there hand been never been a service call on this computer. Which is clearly wrong. After a discussion, he offered to conference in Cusomer Care - where we could get the tag info sorted so then he could help me. It seemed a sensible move. Except he transferred me to a woman in the Home Computer department who could not help - and she forwarded me to Dell India's main help desk who then transferred me back to Ireland.

Back to the start in 40 minutes. While holding on, I used my mobile to phone our IT manager, who was quickly able to give me the name of the dealer and so I was able, 45 minutes later to start the whole thing again. The Eire Reception were happy with the name I provided, and I then settled down again to lisetn to the recorded "we are having alot calls it will take time time...." Finally, I got to an Indian tech, "Ram", who was very hard to understsand - I had to repeat everything to him 2-3 times so he could understand me, and I had to get him to repeat things too. After a few more minutes, going through the the whole thing again - he tells me keyboards are not covered under the warranty. I then got passed to his supervisor who tells me that since it's only one key that's broken, it's my problem.

I've re-explained to the supervisor what the probelm is. I've offered to send him the phone camera pix. He's ended the call with "let me call you back" which I fear is Dell speak for no further action until I call again.

So here I am - after 54 minutes on the phone, and less than two days from an international trip and my laptop is stuffed and the manufacturer refuses to honour the warranty. Dell - I hope you are listening. This is no way to treat your loyal customers. This is my 5th Dell laptop - and it looks like being the last.

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