Saturday, December 27, 2008

MSDN Code Search Preview (

Looking at the MSDN Library site tonight and I noticed a new “Feature Spotlight” – point to a new site that enables you to search for code inside MSDN. The site enables  you to search for code, and if you find something of interest, you can book mark it, or create a unique URL to the appropriate page. It’s clearly early days for this site. You can’t yet search for  code on the MSDN Forums, the MSDN Code Gallery or Codeplex.

Another downside – under Language, there’s no PowerShell. There’s Perl and Ruby and Python and C++ and  C#, etc – but no PowerShell. :-(  You can filter on PowerShell and find some PowerShell related code. Shame no one in MSDN recognises PowerShell as a language!

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