Thursday, December 04, 2008

SQL Server and PowerShell

Buck Woody presented a session at the recent PASS conference on PowerShell and SQL. Entitled “Advanced PowerShell for SQL Server”, the session looked at using PowerShell with SQL Server 2008. The presentation also included a bunch of demos of how to integrate PowerShell with SQL Server 2008.

Buck has published a blog article about the talk, which includes a link to a download. The download contains the slides and two cool demo scripts. I’m going to try to get a SQL Server 2008 VM built to test these scripts out (and derive a few more).

Buck’s blog, Carpe Datum, is an interesting read for SQL folks. And for those of you more PowerShell focused, you can use the tagging mechanism on the MSDN Blog site and view just those  entries that are PowerShell focused.

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