Tuesday, December 16, 2008

PowerShell CTP 3 Coming soon – But How Soon is Soon?

In an article posted during TechEd Barcelona, I suggested that PowerShell CTP 3 was coming “soon”. The statements from the MS folks suggested that “soon” would be “early December”. I joked last week that I did not ask which December. :-)

I can see from hits to this blog that many folks are trying to find this update or more information on it. I’m sorry to disappoint those visitors to this blog, but it looks like CTP 3 is delayed (again). I’m now hearing on the grapevine that CTP3 will not now come this year, but will come sometime in January in concert with the Windows 8 beta.

Of course, this information could be wrong too. MS could decide to release it today (if only to prove this post wrong).We will just have to wait and find out. I’m accurate, then you heard it here first. And if I’m wrong, well, this blog post is just one more in a set of unsubstantiated and incorrect rumours about when CTP3 will hit. :-)

But whatever, I know two things. First, CTP3 will rock whenever it’s released. Second, no matter how late, CTP3 is worth waiting for. I also recognise that despite being very late, PowerShell Version 2 is really going to be a world beating release. I can’t wait. I’ll be posting a lot more both here and on my PowerShell Scripts blog as soon as the new release if available.

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