Thursday, December 18, 2008

Steve Dunn's Code Formatter for Windows Live Writer Breaks New Live Writer Version

I use the code formatter from Steve Dunn's web site to format code on my PowerShell Scripts Blog. Having just updated my main workstation to use the latest version of Windows Live Writer, I find the current version of the formatting tool ( now breaks using the latest version of  Live Writer.

Until I find a fix, I am falling back on the On-line Syntax Highlighter tool I posted about yesterday.


I’ve had mail from Steve – he’s found the problem and will have a fix up shortly.What great service – thanks!!


Mark Monster said...

Just wondering. Did Steve Dunn release a new version, yet? I couldn't find it on his website.

Thomas said...

He did produce an update, I tried it and it seemed to work the first time I used it, but then the second time it broke. It's a shame, as it was a nice tool - I now use a different one for formatting my blog posts.

Steve Dunn said...

Sorry about the faults in the plug-in. It was caused when they updated Writer - they changed the order of events in their API that broke the plug-in. They've changed it back for the next version but I've fixed (and updated) my plug-in anyway. It's on my tools page at
Looking forward to any feedback!