Monday, December 29, 2008

Type Accelerators for PowerShell CTP3

Type Accelerators are a PowerShell feature that simplifies access to underlying WMI or .NET objects. Earlier this year I wrote two blog articles, the first about the WMI type accelerators and the second specifically about the [WMI] type accelerators. At some point, I intend to write about the other two ([WMICLASS] and [WMISEARCHER]) WMI related type accelerators.
In a most interesting Christmas Day post, Osin posted a detailed look at Type Accelerators within PowerShell CTP3. By using Reflector to look at the actual PowerShell code, you can see how PowerShell implements Type Accelerators, through using the TypeAccellerator class. Neat! But neater still, Osin shows how to make use of this technique to both list out the existing Type Accelerators as well as how to add more.
Here’s a simple function definition that returns the existing type accelerators:

function Get-Typeaccelerator
{  #  reference the accelerators
     $acceleratorsType = [type]::gettype("System.Management.Automation.TypeAccelerators")  
  #  return all built-in accelerators (property)     return $acceleratorstype::get.GetEnumerator()|
     select @{Name="Name"; expression={$_.key}},
     @{name="Type"; expression={$_.value}} | sort name

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Interesting article! We've recently written a new blog on PowerShell Type Accelerators - shortcuts to .NET classes that might be of interest:

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