Wednesday, September 20, 2006


CamerAware is a Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone / Pocket PC app that helps to alert you when you come into the range of a safety camera. CamerAware makes use of an internal, wired or Bluetooth GPS to monitor you  current position. It then checks your position against a database of cameras warning you of a camera. Naturally, CamerAware's purpose is to help you be a safer driver. It also might help to avoid those  pesky points on your license.

CamerAware costs £19.99.This fee includes  life time upgrades. The database currently provides excellent UK coverage and partial European coverage, with nearly 10,000 cameras! USA support is also planned for future updates.

For more information and a picture of the application in action,see the article on the Modaco sitee (also if you  are a member of Modaco, the price is lower!).

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