Saturday, September 30, 2006

More on PowerShell RC2

In a recent blog post, I noted that Microsoft has shipped PowerShell RC2. There are a bunch of really cool features including:

  • Direct ADSI support which means you can create scripts to manage your AD.
  • Improved support for Windows Management Instrumentation through ability to change WMI properties via methods
  • Additional logical operators (in particular XOR and binary XOR) that make it easier to write sophisticated scripts
  • Significantly Improved help content and help functionality which includes views to make it easier to find the right information.

The current plan if for Windows PowerShell 1.0 will release-to-web in Q4 CY06, with this version being heavily leveraged by both Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and System Center Operations Manager 2007. The Exchange Management Shell is how Admins will manage Exchange 2007 - about which more later in future blog posts.


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